Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fast Food

I used to love fast food. French fries, hamburgers, onion rings...yum!

But now, not so much anymore.

Years ago, maybe five or so, I made the decision to eat real food.

There would be no more packaged goodies in the house. No more chips, or sugary cereals, or fruit roll ups, or granola bars, or crackers.

Anything with high fructose corn syrup or containing trans fats was banned. Not artificial dyes or flavors were allowed. All labels were read and all ingredient lists had to be short and all items listed had to be recognizable.

Now this didn't happen overnight mind you. This was a process.

And sometimes it was two steps forward and one step backwards.

But fast forward to today and we are there. Our pantry is as I have described it above.

And you know what?

The other food doesn't taste good anymore. Who knew that would happen.

And another food doesn't taste good anymore either.

I never really officially declared it off limits. We continued to have our take out treats.

But when the economy turned south the money just wasn't there for it anymore.

And what happened? Well between all the real food at home and the not buying fast food out ...well I just lost my taste for it. It just no longer sounds good anymore.

Which is, really, very okay with me.

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